Hospital Manager - Technician Supervisor, Minneapolis, MN

  • Growing region of Minneapolis, MN
  • Oct 21, 2019
Full time Emergency Hospital ECC Veterinary Technician Manager Training

Job Description

Position Summary

The Hospital Manager (HM) directly oversees all non-DVM clinical personnel. They will be responsible for the performance of the technical team, providing appropriate training and coaching, and encourage the progression of each team member to build a career with increasing responsibilities. The HM will work with the Practice Administrator (PA) and Medical Director (MD) to ensure compliance with all applicable employment laws and adherence to defined standards of patient care. The HM will also provide appropriate training for technical staff regarding employee relations duties including but not limited to recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, diversity training, performance management, and coaching of staff.  Equally important is the health and wellbeing of each team member. Thus, working with the PA, continually assess the needs of the team and implement wellness practices appropriate for the position.

The HM must be able to effectively and proactively manage, delegate or perform the following duties that include but are not limited to:

Key Responsibilities and Essential Functions

 Strategic Development, Leadership, Training, Communication

  • Support and nurture a culture that promotes excellence and SMAEC’s core values
  • Maintain effective systems of communication throughout the department and organization
  • Develop and support a progressive clinical team structure that evolves with advances in the profession
  • Provide training and career growth along with mentorship for technical staff
  • Demonstrate and be a role model for technicians and assistants when on clinics
  • Present and lead meetings among team members and various departments
  • Act as a liaison across SMAEC’s departments to ensure consistency and accuracy in the application of policies, practice culture, and communication
  • Facilitate resolution of personnel issues in and between departments
  • Meet regularly with PA, MD, and team leaders to address pertinent issues
  • Develop and implement policies with thorough documentation
  • Source and create appropriate training and development programs and materials in conjunction with MD and PA for various staffing levels to create a clear path to career growth and advancement
  • Synthesize employee performance reports for regular updates for the PA, calling to attention areas for concern and/or acknowledgment of specific policies or team members
  • Ensure appropriate fees are charged for services rendered and medications dispensed

Personnel Operations

  • Directly supervise technicians and assistants
  • Oversee/assist PA with the following functions for the technical team:
    • Maintenance of job descriptions; goal setting
    • Management of orientation, onboarding, safety training, skills development
    • Development and delivery of staff performance evaluations
    • Performance correction and dispute mediation
    • Coaching and mentoring of team members
  • Along with PA oversee all hiring and termination processes for technical staff
  • Direct and facilitate aggressive recruitment strategies; work with PA on recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and training to attract high caliber individuals
  • Direct or facilitate disciplinary actions and conflict resolution, in accordance with state labor laws
  • Suggest or develop programs for staff including addressing compassion fatigue and other work-related mental health issues
  • Keep current all employment policy and procedure documents such as SOPs and an employee handbook, working with PA to seek outside counsel or guidance where appropriate
  • Monitor staff compensation for consistency and fairness, market competitiveness, and assist in the administration of compensation strategies
  • Oversee the management of professional development, encouraging continuing education for the paraprofessional staff
  • Develop and implement staff retreat programs with PA for team building and engagement
  • Collaborate with the PA and Medical Director to manage the quality and thoroughness of communication between the doctors and staff
  • Responsible for client relations, timely handling of issues or complaints, provide information for appropriate team member to respond to social media reviews

 Branding and Marketing

  • Promote brand messaging in all internal and external dealings
  • Participate and encourage staff engagement in community programs/events
  • Assist in organizing programs for veterinarian and staff community outreach
  • Participate in public relations with referral base including primary care practices, ancillary animal care services (doggy daycare, pet friendly hotels, groomers, boarding kennels, training facilities, etc)

Qualifications, Education, and Experience

  • Licensed veterinary technician required. Bachelor’s degree plus advanced training in management or Human Resources preferred
  • Minimum of ten years progressive experience with the most recent five in a leadership position
  • Experience in a health care system, either veterinary or human

Computer Skills: To perform this job successfully, the HM should have good knowledge of and ability to use MS Office products such as word processing and spreadsheet software. It will also be necessary to become proficient in the use of practice management software and to perform clerical work with speed and accuracy.

Personal Characteristics, Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrated leadership skills with the ability to inspire a team to deliver outstanding results, manage performance, and deliver constructive feedback
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, and to foster positive relations at multiple levels, internally and externally
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, and the ability to present material to groups
  • Ability to build and maintain a culture of trust, and to maintain a harmonious, constructive and respectful relationship with those of all skill levels contacted in the course of work
  • The ability to work well in a collaborative team environment
  • Alignment with the mission and culture of SMAEC, and the ability to contribute to its strategic growth
  • A commitment to lifelong learning and to continual improvement
  • Ability to build consensus and engage team members at all levels
  • Exemplary ethical standards and integrity in all dealings

 Physical Requirements:

  • Able to be active, sitting, walking, standing, climbing stairs
  • Able to work well under pressure and at high levels of stress
  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds and work on feet
  • Minimal exposure to supplies commonly used in a hospital setting such as anesthetic gases and x- ray irradiation within appropriate OSHA standards
  • Minimal risk of injury from animals
  • Be flexible with work hours