Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center

When we started our hospital in 2012, our goal was to build a hospital that wasn't just caring, but exemplified all that is good in our profession. Our team, who we lovingly call TeamWERC, is the most fun, compassionate, talented, and hard working group I have had the pleasure of working with. Our managers care for the well-being of the team and stress a positive work-life balance that supersedes caseload and profit margins. We are more apt to send you home at the end of the day than we are to ask you to stay late or be on-call. We treat our patients, clients, and teammates in accordance with our posted guiding principles. These principles are a daily reminder that all living beings should be treated with mutual respect and understanding. They direct us to offer the highest quality of compassionate care available and persevering against challenge. It is for these reasons Westford Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center was awarded 2018 Business of the Year. 

Offering 24 hour emergency/critical care, internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, oncology, and soon neurology (Summer 2019). we are the largest specialty center in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. We recently expanded our hospital by 120% and added many new services into this new facility. Patient care is paramount and we dedicate tremendous resources to the treatment and comfort of those (pets and pet-parents) that enter our facility. We strongly feel that patient care is best delivered by happy and enthusiastic caregivers, and only talented, motivated, and friendly team members are invited to join us. Our hospital is "like no other" in our fostering of a positive work environment, encouraging personal growth opportunities, and a genuine family feel. 

We are not corporately owned or managed. Our clients and referring veterinarians are treated as individuals and our team as family. Our reputation for fairness and unexcelled care has no boundary. The culture we foster is one of kindness and good-naturedness. TeamWERC is best described as a family of kind-hearted team players. In short, we are the place you want to be. Please join the team! 

Hope to see you soon, 
Dr. Chris D'Orazio 
CEO & Emergency Clinician