MSPCA- Angell

Angell Animal Medical Center and Angell West are part of the MSPCA, one of the oldest and most respected humane organizations in the world. Working for veterinary hospitals that clearly deliver on our mission of advancing the health and welfare of animals adds a wonderful dimension to delivering high quality and cutting edge veterinary medicine.

Angell is a premier veterinary institution staffed by 45 senior veterinarians, 20 interns, 11 residents and 91 certified veterinary technicians and we have an additional 9 technicians with a VTS. Angell offers specialty services in pain medicine, acupuncture, anesthesiology, avian and exotic medicine, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, diagnostic imaging, emergency and critical care medicine, internal medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, nutrition, medical and radiation oncology, ophthalmology, anatomic and clinical pathology, and surgery. Angell is a rich educational environment offering weekly on-site continuing education seminars and regular multi-disciplinary specialty rounds attended by M.D. specialists from local prestigious hospitals. 

Angell offered the very first veterinary internship in the world beginning in 1941, running continuously to present day. Angell was instrumental in establishing specialty veterinary medicine. Our hospital has a long history of providing training not only to veterinary interns and residents but also to veterinary students and the veterinary community at large.