Veterinary Technician Educator

$60,000 yearly
  • VCA Vet Tech Academy
  • Shelton, CT, USA
  • Feb 23, 2023
Full time Specialty Referral Practice Emergency Hospital VTS(ECC) VTS(Other) Manager Supervisor Training Education

Job Description

Do you consider yourself a strong leader in the veterinary industry? Do you have a passion for teaching others? Does it make your day watching someone succeed at a skill for the very first time? 

Mentorship is essential in veterinary medicine. With that in mind, the VCA Vet Tech Academy is seeking an experienced credentialed veterinary technician with previous training and leadership experience to take on the exciting role of Academy Mentor. The VCA Vet Tech Academy needs you to help us give the support our students need to succeed. This full-time position will give you the opportunity to make an impact on the education and careers of up-and-coming veterinary technicians. You’ll play a crucial part in overseeing students who are learning and developing critical technical skills and how to apply what they are learning in class to provide exceptional patient care. 

This is your opportunity to be a part of an exciting and expanding program designed to support, enhance, and reinforce the education students receive in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technology Program. Come and be a part of this trailblazing team! 

What makes a good mentor? 

  • Willing to teach and guide students who are learning new skills 

  • Patience for the learning process 

  • Understanding that things may go wrong and errors may be made 

  • Ability to use errors as teachable moments in a constructive and empathetic way 

  • Create a positive learning environment where students feel excited to show up 

  • Ability to give positive feedback and encouragement 

  • Has the desire to celebrate small and large accomplishments 

  • Can give constructive feedback in a manner that shows the student the information comes from a place of caring 

  • Allows students to practice approved skills they have learned in the VCA Vet Tech Academy 

  • Ability to lead by example  

  • Willingness to show and own up to weaknesses  

  • Shows enthusiasm for the field of veterinary medicine and wants to inspire others to feel the same way 

Qualifications to apply 

  • Previous experience in training and leadership required 

  • Previous experience working in specialty medicine preferred 

  • Advanced technical and nursing skills required 

  • Ability to lead in a positive, supportive and constructive manner 

  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work with the public in a professional and respectful way 

  • Ability to adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment while maintaining calm and focus  

Requirements and expectations 

  • Maintains the credentials CVT, LVT or RVT 

  • Graduated from an AVMA accredited Veterinary Technology program 

  • Responsible for overseeing up to 20 veterinary technician students  

  • Work side by side with students as they integrate with the host hospital team and practice skills learned in the VCA Vet Tech Academy 

  • Instructing and guiding students as they practice skills taught in the VCA Vet Tech Academy 

  • Reports to and works closely with the Program Director to ensure the best training and education possible for students enrolled in the VCA Vet Tech Academy 

  • Full time position 

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